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Throat Chakra Mala by Sisters of Rishikesh

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Anyone who wants to speak their truth with confidence, release repressed emotions + feelings, and be an effective communicator! And, also connected to the Element of Akasha (also known as space or ether).

Vishuddha is the Sanskrit name for the Throat Chakra and translates to “purification”. The Throat Chakra is the center of expression, which includes not only speaking, but also listening. Vishuddha is located at the base of your neck and connected to your throat, ears, nose, and mouth. The Throat Chakra is connected to the colour blue.

A Throat Chakra that is in balance will allow you to communicate in harmony with others and enable you to speak your truth effortlessly. Vishuddha governs your sense of hearing, which makes sense as excellent communicators are known to be active listeners. 

When your Throat Chakra is out of balance, you may have a fear of public speaking, a weak voice, a sore throat, or feel shy. To bring your Vishuddha into balance, direct energy to your throat to remove blockages by wearing blue clothes, working with blue crystals, and eating blue foods. Try joining a speaking circle in which you feel safe, so you can learn how to express yourself. You can also say the seed mantra “HAM” aloud with intention using a mala to connect with your Throat Chakra.



Specific semi-precious gemstones were chosen to support the intention: I speak! However, the Throat Chakra Mala may speak to you for another purpose.

  • Lapis Lazuli empowers you to speak the truth, express yourself with confidence, and communicate with clarity. Holds space for repressed emotions + feelings to be expressed and released, so that healing can happen. Also, known as the stone of truth, thus promotes honesty when speaking or writing.
  • Clear quartz assists with amplifying energy and increasing concentration. Thus is an excellent stone for meditating and accessing your Higher-SELF. Crystal quartz purifies the mind, body, and soul to strength your aura
  • Sandalwood attracts positive energy and increases optimism. The beautiful scent of the wooden beads will help you maintain alertness while meditating and also manifesting your desires.

Please note that crystals and sandalwood can aide in your wellness, but do not replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Allow for slight variations and imperfections, as the semi-precious stones and sandalwood are made by nature.



  • Each bead is 8 mm and carefully selected to ensure all gemstones are natural. All beads are smooth except the four clear quartz ones, which are faceted.
  • Sandalwood beads are aromatic and ethically sourced from a plantation, not harvested from the forest.
  • Made from 108 beads, a spiritual number in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Yogic traditions.
  • Features a stunning faceted Clear Quartz Guru Bead that shimmers.
  • Lovingly hand knotted using all natural cotton cord, as synthetic and silk threads are not eco-friendly.
  • Approximately 23 inches in length, including the dual coloured tassel: blue + deep navy.



Handmade near the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India by women who are living in poverty and marginalized. The women, who I refer to as the Sisters of Rishikesh hand knot the malas using ancient traditional techniques. When you make an investment in a mala, you give back. You support holds space for the Sisters of Rishikesh to earn a living wage. Afterwards the malas journey to a temple, where each one is blessed by a Hindu Priest activating the medicine of the beads.



  • A reminder of your intention.
  • Meditation tool for mantra repetition.
  • Use to draw in healing energy from the gemstones.
  • You may hear the call to use your mala in another way.



  • Mala are sacred tools that need be handled with care and kept safe.
  • Store in a bag or drawer when not wearing.
  • Keep dry, as water can wear down the threads over time. Intensive sweating during exercise can also cause damage.
  • Be mindful to not wear when sleep.



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