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My journey started at a shop like most Seers, but the one I visited wasn't mysterious or dusty!

I can remember as a teenager reading for an older cousin who was obsessed with finding a husband. I would peek into the little white book that the deck came with, but most of the time the words didn't resonate, so I would tell her what I felt. 

I didn't truly tap into the Tarot until I came across an elderly Seer, who invited me to learn the cards while sitting around her kitchen table. I can still remember how potent learning about each card was for me and the shift that I felt in my BEING!

The Tarot rescued me from continuing to spiral downwards, as I was a mess and the cards helped me sort out my life. I wouldn't be here today holding space for others, if that elderly Seer didn't invite me to delve deeper into the cards! For that I will forever be grateful.

When I was in university, I can recall always having my Rider-Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot deck in my back pack with me. I didn't leave home without my deck because I felt as if I was leaving a part of me behind. Whenever I crossed paths with a friend or even a stranger who was in distress, I would offer to draw cards. I quickly realized that the Tarot was a portal for healing, as I could feel the energy of the sitter shift as I read for them. 

I wanted to delve deeper into the cards, so I started a Tarot Book Club in June 2010 at a little used bookstore that served coffee and had a metaphysical vibe. Every Sunday morning, Tarot Seers + Novices would gather around a big wooden table at the bookstore to share stories, ask questions, and practice reading for one another.

Fast forward to August 2010, I got a call from the owner of a nearby metaphysical shop, who asked me to fill in for a day on the recommendation of a Medium that read there. I was surprised to receive the call, as I had no intentions of reading professionally, but felt led to say, "yes." I'll never forget my first day there, as the owner asked me to stay on and that was a crossroad moment for me. If I hadn't been invited to read at the shop, I most likely would have been teaching high school geography, history, and social studies. . .or ventured off into accounting!

For several years, I held sacred space for people seeking answers at that metaphysical shop and I also taught workshops there, as there was a wellness centre upstairs. For the first couple of months, I offered only Tarot, but then kept hearing the call to add Tea Leaves to my sacred offerings. I was always drawn to learning how to read teacups, so I connected with a woman from an island off the coast of Vancouver, BC, who taught me the basics. I jumped in feet first and started reading the Tea Leaves and Tarot together! What a duo!!

I left the metaphysical shop in November 2016, as I was too busy filling orders for the Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck that I had painted and written the guidebook for. Creating the deck was a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT! Leaving was hard, as the metaphysical shop was part of my identity as a Seer, but I found an online community on Instagram. I do still get nostalgic about my time at the metaphysical shop from time to time, as I met incredible folx there!

Deep down, I've always wanted to hold sacred space online for those that didn't have access to my in-person readings or workshops. So, in October 2018, I held space for aspiring tea leaf seers when I offered my first online course, The Truth in the Tea Leaves  and in March 2019, I offered a specialized topic course on the Court Cards and eventually Tarot Straight UP in June 2019 & September 2021! The experiences were amazing and sooooo different, yet similar to when I taught in-person workshops. 

I am incredibly grateful to have sat physically in circle with seekers looking to expand their spiritual practice. . .but I must admit that teaching online allows me to connect deeper because seekers are able to join the live calls from the comfort of their home and ask questions anytime during the week. And, can also watch videos, listen to audios, do exercises at their pace and delve into the material when they can focus best.

I am now holding space for sacred offerings! I invite you to connect with me to delve deeper into your medicine. I would be honoured.