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Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck

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An oracle rooted in the richness and magick of India, where the deck creator & her ancestors descend from. The deck is for seers, healers, yoga practitioners, and anyone who hears the call to work with the medicine of the cards.


  • 53 vibrant hand-painted oracle cards
  • 2 piece custom hard box
  • printed guide booklet with card messages
  • matte gold edging 
  • traditional poker size (63 X 88 mm)
  • 330 gsm German black core cardstock
  • matte lamination
  • black & white card backs
  • certificate of authenticity, numbered & signed

BONUS: Digital Guidebook (PDF)
Includes card descriptions with spiritual & cultural context, keywords, affirmations, spreads, and a 7 day challenge to connect deeper with the deck. Goes deeper into each of the cards than the printed guide booklet, for example, the Eclipse card (p. 79): "Rahu, a Datiya, disguised himself as a Deva to receive the nectar. He sat between Surya, the Sun God, and Chandra, the Moon God, who both recognized him, unfortunately too late, as he had already consumed the nectar. As punishment, Vishnu beheaded Rahu, but his head became immortal as the nectar had reached his throat. His body became known as Ketu and his head remained as Rahu." There is more written about this card in the digital  guidebook. All the cards are either associated with Indian culture and/or Hinduism, for example, the fish card is connected to the story of Vishnu and Manu.


Third Edition
As I shift, so does the deck. I've revised illustrations for 13 cards and added 3 bonus cards. The messages on the cards have been tweaked to not include "you" which makes the deck more versatile, especially when used in readings for others. The deck has upgraded, as the cards now have gilded edges and are held in a 2 piece hard box. Includes a printed guide booklet with messages & spreads and also a bonus PDF guidebook that goes deeper into each card. I realize that I wasn’t able to capture all the unique features of Indian culture & aspects of Hinduism in the Seeds of Shakti Oracle, as 53 cards simply aren’t enough. I am drawn to the idea of a sequel deck, the “Seeds of Shiva Oracle,” which I hope to create one day.



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