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Have you been thinking about what BIG MAGICK will transpire in the coming year?

Is your soul yearning for a road map that can provide you insights to navigate the months ahead? . . . OR maybe you feel lost as you step into 2024 and could use the clarity to get focused???

I am honoured to hold space for 2024 year ahead readings once again! The medicine that rises up in the 12 month forecast is potent. . .and holds space for you to tap into your potential + magick!

The ritual performed during the live one-on-one reading will assist you with releasing the past year and provide insights into major shifts + themes + lessons the upcoming year holds, which gives you the tools to maneuver YOUR 2024.

I'll brew a pipping hot cup of tea for you using a special blend that I've created and connect to your soul's unique signature. The patterns and images that appear in the tea leaves are never repeated, which makes each cup unique. Thus, your forecast for 2024 will be specifically for you, and no one else. I read intuitively, so I share what I am hearing, what I am feeling, what I am seeing in my third eye as I gaze into your cup of potential.

I'll also be incorporating the Tarot into the year ahead readings, which will add another layer of richness, as I'll weave the medicine from the tea leaves and the cards together into a message for YOU!

Year ahead readings require a TON of energy to hold space. Consequently, availability is limited, as I am only scheduling one reading per day to honour the energy exchange. Sessions are typically 90 minutes give or take depending on what rises up, thus the year ahead reading will be over when Spirit is done. The energy exchange is $111 USD. To schedule a reading in December or January, use the calendar below and remember to adjust the time zone to yours :)

After the reading, you will receive a photo of your teacup + cards along with a video recording that you can listen to whenever you need to hear your forecast. Please allow 24 - 72 hours for your recording & photos to be processed and emailed to you. Got questions? Need to use PayPal? Or want to purchase a year ahead reading as a gift? Send an email: or a DM on Instagram (@seedsofshakti)

There have been times in my life that I've struggled financially and have benefited from a sliding scale. I would like to pay that forward, so I have set aside 5 spots for those who have limited expendable income. To get the conversation started, connect with me via email.