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Taurus Season Tarot Spread

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


The sun transitions today from Aries to Taurus.

Taurus Season (April 19 to May 20) is balm for the soul after fiery Aries. Hold space for yourself to figure out how you can use the medicine of Taurus to empower your vision. Taurus is known to be determined and grounded, which can be a powerful duo for accomplishing your goals.

The energy of Taurus isn’t all about work, as it also invites you to meaningfully indulge and appreciate the richness of the Earth. In other words, give yourself time to smell the roses, so you can relax and decompress. Giving yourself space to just be is crucial for your self-care during Taurus season.

The throat, vocal chords, and neck along with the shoulders are associated with Taurus. Explore how you can create a safe space for yourself to speak your truth and be heard. You can express yourself through writing if speaking doesn’t come naturally. The key is to express what needs to be said through whatever medium.

Lastly, plan a magickal outing for yourself that will fill your cup of joy. Self-care is at the heart of being able to indulge and appreciate the beauty of life. Look after yourself and know that you are worthy!

May the earthy Taurus season root you in the medicine that you need to be closer to your vision.



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