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When you feel like a failure. . .

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


If you've been feeling like a failure. . .because you aren't where you thought you'd be in life. . .or maybe you've experienced a set back. Whatever the reason might be. . .know that you are ENOUGH! You are ENOUGH. ❤️


Finding the root cause. . .and also knowing the source can help shift the energy. At times, the feeling of failure come from an internal place. . .but the source could also be external. Evaluate where these feelings are originating from.


Give yourself space to sit with your emotions without feeling defeated or being critical of yourself. Allow yourself to embrace your shadow medicine, so you can release the negative perception that you hold of yourself.


Lastly, reflect on how you can reframe your thoughts about failure. Doing so will allow you to see yourself in a positive light. Remember that your worth is not associated with your success or accomplishments.



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