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Tarot Blog Hop: The Sun Harvest

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


I’ve been proudly standing knee high in weeds that have over taken my garden while picking raspberries. I am not ashamed of how my garden looks despite my neighbour jokingly hinting at how unruly and wild the appearance is. As the strength of the sun wanes, my garden has become a mecca of abundance and daily pickings of fruits, vegetables and herbs that have become part of the mundane routine.

I dug the garden out three years ago at my home in the countryside, as my apartment in the city wasn’t optimal for plants due to a north facing balcony. Being in the garden brings back fond summer memories of my childhood with my grandmother and also strengthens my connection to my ancestors, who were mostly farmers in Northern India.

I find weeding to be extremely therapeutic, as I am pulling a weed, I feel my releasing what I’ve been holding onto energetically. With the move from the city to the countryside in July, I had to surrender and let the weeds grow wild and co-exist with my cultivated plants. The act of surrendering has brought me solace.

As the Wheel of the Year turns once again to Lammas, I am reminded by my garden that not all harvests are picturesque cornucopias. I have deep gratitude for the warmth and light of the sun for my summer harvest, but also for the medicine that the weeds have brought into my life. In the past, I felt weeds were foes, but maybe that isn't the case as the bees love the flowering clover and milk thistle.

I’ve designed a card spread that helps explore the themes associated with the waning days of summer and your inner garden. You can use a Tarot or Oracle deck for the spread, or perhaps both!

Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected! You can include #tarotbloghop in your post to connect with others in the community and to discover the blogs of the participants in the hop.





  • This is really interesting, and yet another in my long list of new spreads to try. I can foresee my next blog hop being a whose who of spreads. Thanks for this!

    Jay on

  • It feels like coming home… I’m just starting to learn about herbalism and have been amazed how much medicine I have growing in my garden from my mother’s and grandmother’s days…

    As my husband says, a weed is simply a plant we don’t want.

    Kate Tee on

  • Having studied herbalism, I love weeds! Most of the medicinal plants in the Rocky Mountains and the high plains are weeds. What a great question in the spread to ask what needs to be removed and what to coexist with.

    Joy Vernon on

  • Really loved this piece. I will be trying that spread for sure.

    Arwen Lynch-Poe, The Professional Joy Seeker on

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