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Tarot Blog Hop: Who am I?

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


I am co-wrangling for the second time with Jay Cassels, who is the wrangler for this Tarot Blog Hop. There are two themes for the Hop, but I decided to explore the first one: "Out of the whole deck, what card or cards would you say represent you either professionally or personally? As always these are just guides, if your muse wants to play about and take you on a journey that is perfect, as long as its within the refrain of the topic, be as free as you like." I decided to play and thought I'd weave significators into the theme!

The Queen of Swords and I have a history! Years ago, when I learned astrologically she was my significator I had so much resistance to her. Slowly, I began to connect with her medicine. Now, all I see is how potent she is!

How did I know she was my significator? I do want to mention that there are other methods of determining significators, but I am sharing the first method that I ever learned, which in all honesty now I see as being outdated, but yet relevant in many regards. 

When I learned to use significators, I was taught that if an adult identifies as male then their significator would be one of the Kings and for a female one of the four Queens. Let's say you were reading for a teenager or child (not yet hit puberty) that was a girl then you would use a Page for her and a Knight for a boy. Even though the Pages have extremely muscular biceps, they represent a young female energy! Certain modern day Tarot decks address the lack of representation of not only gender, but also race and ageism, which is wonderful, as Kings & Knights are sometimes depicted as women and also people of colour are included in the Court. I would also like to add that gender is fluid in certain recently published decks!

Next you would determine what your astrological sign is, so let's say you were a woman whose sun sign was Libra then your significator would be the Queen of Swords. Why did I select the Queen of Swords? Well, the Swords suit is connected to the Element of Air, which is associated with Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius! 

Let's try another example out, let's say you were reading for a Taurus male, which card would be their significator? Answer: The King of Pentacles, as the suit is ruled by the Element of Earth, which is connected to Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. 

Astrologically speaking, the Element that rules your sun sign determines which kindred circle you belong to as Fire is associated with the Wands, Cups are influenced by Water, Air is represented by the Swords, and Earth is connected to the Pentacles. 

Let's tap into your Elemental medicine and Astrology! What element is your sun sign? Use the list below to figure out who your significator is and that of others:

Fire: Aires, Leo, Sagittarius 

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

According to this method, which Court Card is your significator? 






  • P.S. Your photo is absolutely gorgeous!

    Bonnie on

  • For me, that makes me the Queen of Cups, which is exactly who I most identify with in the tarot! :)

    Bonnie on

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