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Tarot Blog Hop: Oddest Experiences . . .

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


I am co-wrangling for the first time with Morgan Drake Eckstein, who is the wrangler for this Tarot Blog Hop. I can't take credit for the topic, which asks all the Hoppers to share the oddest, most interesting, most educational associations that we have adapted for our divination practice. I must admit that I've been struggling with the topic, but I don't give up easily! So, after a ton of head scratching, here I am only a few hours before the Tarot Blog Hop goes live writing out my oddest experiences because honestly, I can't think of any interesting and education associations, but perhaps after I read the blog posts of my fellow hoppers, I'll be inspired! As you read on, bear in mind that I am sort of writing in the dark and hoping that my words will capture what Morgan had in mind :)

The first story is about when I first started reading the Tarot. I would always find the Queen of Swords from the RWS Tarot on the floor or hidden elsewhere while all the other cards were tucked away in the box the deck came in. At first, I didn't know what to make of my situation, but after speaking to a woman who had been reading the Tarot for decades everything all of a sudden made sense. She said that my deck wanted to be honoured, so I went out and bought a beautiful hand dyed silk scarf + craved wood box. After that, I never had the Queen of Swords or any other card show up else where from that deck. Interestingly enough, the Queen of Swords is my significator!

The second story is about the time that I had a card go missing from another deck, The Spiral Tarot. I looked high and low for the King of Wands. I racked my brain trying to trace my steps, but to no avail the card was gone. I swear the card vanished into the thin air! Months later, I was going through my drawers and there he was the King of Wands tucked away. I've never been able to figure out how he ended up there, but the interesting thing is he disappeared around the same time that I met my partner, in November 2010, whose significator just happens to be the King of Wands! The Court Cards seem to do a disappearing act on me, which leads me to believe that both of these incidents were no coincidence!!!

The last story is about me randomly finding a Tarot card in the parking lot of a metaphysical shop that I read at for several years and taught workshops at. The card had been rained on, driven over, and was badly beaten up. You might be wondering if the card was from the Court. . .but was interestingly enough the Hierophant! I guess my oddest and most interesting experience comes from cards that go missing and ones that I randomly find because I know the Tarot is literally speaking to me. My ears perk up and I listen.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know if you've ever experienced cards going missing or randomly finding one. You can leave a comment below :)

Imbolc blessings to those who celebrate!






  • I loved this. I got haunted by Temperance last year. So much that I pulled a Temperance out of a “not full” RWS deck to set on my desk. Reminded me to keep my equilibrium! And finding that Hierophant…intriguing!

    Arwen Lynch-Poe on

  • I have heard so many similar stories! I actually wrote a blog post on the topic of Top Ten Places to Find a Lost Tarot Card: Crazy how those cards get about and lead a life of their own! As to your cards, what a lovely little love story unfolded there!

    Joy Vernon on

  • Thanks for sharing, similarly to you my original Dragon Tarot was actually taken away from me by the powers because I was getting to cocky, somehow from the common room to the class they just vanished from my pocket never to be seen again. I eventually replaced them but its kinda not the same.

    Jay on

  • I have had similar experiences, Sharron, and over the more than 40 years I have been reading cards, it has simply taught me to pay very close attention to each and every reading, for the simple reason that it isn’t only the client who is being given insight and information—it is also the reader, and if each and every reading I do doesn’t open a new perspective for me, I am doing something wrong. Spirit is Spirit—so whether the reader or the client, be certain to LISTEN. And thank you for sharing!

    Aisling the Bard on

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