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Tarot Blog Hop: Autumn Equinox

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! You can hop from one blog to the next or visit the master list to see what other posts may pique your curiosity. The theme is "how can balance be restored." Want to be included in the Tarot Blog Hops? Join the Facebook group to learn more!

The Autumn Equinox marks the second day of the year in which there is equal hours of day and night. Therefore, a powerful time of balance: yin and yang. As you celebrate the first day of Autumn on September 22nd at 6:54 pm (PST) in the Northern hemisphere, people in the Southern hemisphere will be honouring the Spring Equinox.

I adore everything about Autumn probably because of the vibrant colours and the abundance of fruits & vegetables in the local Farmers Markets. Autumn is also a time for re-alignment, as Summer is officially over and people are starting to fall back into a routine. You might be wondering how can you celebrate the Autumn Equinox and bring balance into your life? I've got a few ideas for you below, including a card spread!

How can I create an altar for the Autumn Equinox? 

You’ll need a cloth preferably yellow, orange, red to drape over a table or shelf and you can also opt for no cloth. Connect with the energy of the new season. Add sacred tools and symbols that reflect that to your altar. Traditionally, apples, acorns, pine cones, autumn flowers, and fallen leaves are used, but follow your heart. What reminds you of Autumn?

What deity can I connect with during Autumn? 

If you don’t have one that you connect with then you may want to research Dinoysus, Mabon, Bacchus, Demeter, Persephone, Epona, Durga Ma, Kali or Troth to see if one of these Gods or Goddesses resonates with you. If not, continue your search. Google is bound to help you find one that you connect with. . .and also consider your heritage, perhaps one will speak to you that your ancestors connected with! You can add a photo or statue of the deity you chose to your altar. 

I prefer to celebrate the Equinoxes and Solstices by creating a sacred tool. I was drawn to making a purification broom to cleanse and clear stagnant energy over the Fall and Winter.

How can you create your purification broom? 

You’ll need to find a handle for your broom. I recommend talking a walk through the woods or near the water. I found beautiful birch, pine and fir branches on the banks of the Tulameen River. A few of the pieces had been chewed by beavers and had gorgeous teeth markings. . .which adds beaver medicine to the sacred tool!

Here in the Similkameen Valley, desert sage and ponderosa pine trees are abundant. I carefully harvested sage branches and pine needles. I intuitively felt that I wanted to add heather from my garden to the bristle of the broom. After a bit of research, I discovered that heather means to sweep! Exactly what the broom is meant to do, sweep away stagnant energy!!!

I encourage you to see what plants and trees are abundant in your area and use them for the bristle. Be gentle when harvesting, as you don’t want to damage or hurt any trees or plants. And, always steer clear of harvesting endangered species.

You’ll need wire to tie the green foliage to the bottom of your wood stick. You can purchase floral wire at your local craft store. You can further personalize your wand by adding crystals, feathers or shells.

I will be laying a few cards to connect further with the medicine that Autumn conjures up! You can use a Tarot or an Oracle deck for the Autumn Equinox Spread. Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected! You can include #tarotbloghop in your post to connect with others in the community and to discover the blogs of the participants in the hop.





  • Love this idea of acknowledging transition, quite important when it comes to various aspects of living, thank you for sharing this.

    Jay on

  • What lovely ideas for the season! Enjoyed the spread, too. Just posted and tagged you on it on Instagram :)

    kim on

  • I’m so glad you are on the hop with us. That spread is really good!.

    Arwen Lynch-Poe on

  • The broom is a great idea… and a perfect excuse for me to trim some of our cedars. Looking forward to trying this spread.

    Jenn Waltner on

  • I love this spread and your broom. I think I will need to take a walk in the forest tomorrow to create a purification broom.

    Raine Shakti on

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