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Sacred Ritual for the New Moon in Scorpio

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


The energy of the Scorpio New Moon on Tuesday, October 25th at 3:48 am (PDT) is transformative. . . .and perhaps you have already started to see subtle or massive shifts happening in your life. Scorpio is a water sign, so you may feel more sensitive to energy and notice that your intuition is more heightened. 

The medicine of Scorpio is potent, as you may find yourself delving into your heart space to explore what you need and what you don’t want in your life. The New Moon is ideal for planting seeds, so clarifying and knowing what is important & what isn't will help you birth what you desire.

I’ve been dealing with massive transformations. If you are in a similar type of space, I encourage you to find time to light a candle and lay a few cards for the New Moon. Allow yourself to slow down, as the hamster wheel of life is perpetual and there will always be another task that requires your attention. Create space for yourself to BREATHE, as a few moments of self-care might be all you need to find clarity and shift your energy. Thus, the ritual for the Scorpio New Moon involves creating sacred space for receiving clarity by connecting to your cards and infusing your intentions into a crystal elixir.



You can do your ritual a day before, on the day, or a day after the New Moon, as the energy is still potent. You are welcome to use my ritual or adopt parts to help you create your personalized one. Please know that you don’t need to do a ritual for each New Moon, only connect to the ones that you feel drawn to. Your ritual doesn’t need to be complicated. Can be simple as lighting a candle.

As with any ritual, create sacred space for yourself to connect with your Higher-SELF. Depending on your New Moon traditions, you may want to light a candle, call in the elements, directions + guides, make a circle, ring a bell, etc. I personally don’t adhere to any rules or guidelines of how to create sacred space. I follow what rises up for me in my heart space, as the energy of each New Moon is unique, and I want my ritual to reflect where I am vibrationally.


The Ritual

You will need a clear quartz crystal, glass of water, and an Oracle or Tarot deck that you resonate with.

Clear quartz is a powerful manifestation crystal and also safe to use in elixirs. Gently wash a piece of clear quartz with soap and hot water to clean, as you will be adding the stone to water for consumption. If you decide to use a different crystal, please research as not all stones are safe for creating elixirs with and may also disintegrate in water.

Clear your energy by taking several deep breathes until you feel a calmness in your heart space and your mind feels still. If you start to loose focus during the ritual know that you can restore your energy by simply taking a few deep breaths again until you feel centered again. Being PRESENT is what creates MAGICK. 



The Scorpio New Moon spread is created to help you release stagnant energy, receive clarity, and conjure up a road map for manifesting your desires. Shuffle and lay your cards with intention by connecting to the question posed by each number. Allow yourself to connect with each individual card and then the entire spread. I recommend journaling about the insights that you receive. You may want to leave the cards out overnight and revisit the spread the next day, as you may see a few of the cards in a new light.

After you are done with the spread, hold your clear quartz stone in your non-dominant hand and imagine your energy pouring into the crystal & returning back to you. Allow the energy to continue to flow between you and the crystal. Program the crystal with your intention by visualizing your intention coming into fruition. Afterwards, add the crystal to the glass of water and leave overnight next to your night stand.



In the morning, drink the water and focus on your intention again. You can repeat the crystal elixir ritual each night until the full moon. My grandmother inspired the ritual, as she leaves a glass of water next to her when she prayers. The water becomes infused with the energy of her mantras and the holy scriptures that she reads. At the end of her prayers, she drinks the cosmic nectar filled with her intentions and sacred words. 

Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected.

New Moon Blessings to you!





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