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Sacred Ritual for the Full Moon in Aries

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


For the last week, I’ve felt a deep awakening within. . .and the culprit is the Full Moon in Aries on Wednesday, October 20th at 7:56 am (PDT). Typically, the energy of the Full Moon can be felt 2 or 3 days before and after the moon becomes full and is known to heighten your senses, especially your 6th sense. Each Full Moon, I connect with the astrological and elemental influences to create a ritual and understand what impact the energies are having on the mind, body, and soul.

The medicine of the Full Moon allows you to delve deeper by illuminating and reflecting what you are projecting out into the Universe. The Full Moon is also ideal for exfoliating and cleansing energy that isn’t allowing your inner light to shine. You can harness the energy of the Aries Full Moon to release inauthentic aspects of yourself, fibs you tell yourself to avoid dealing with hurt, and to break away from illusions that prevent you from seeking the truth.



You can do your ritual a day before, on the day, or a day after the Full Moon, as the energy is still potent. You are welcome to use my ritual or adopt parts to help you create your personalized one. Please know that you don’t need to do a ritual for each Full Moon, only connect to the ones that you feel drawn to. Your ritual doesn’t need to be complicated. Can be simple as lighting a candle.

As with any ritual, create sacred space for yourself to connect with your Higher-SELF. Depending on your Full Moon traditions, you may want to light a candle; call in the elements, directions + guides; make a circle; ring a bell, etc. . . I personally don’t adhere to any rules or guidelines of how to create sacred space. I follow what rises up for me in my heart space, as the energy of each Full Moon is unique, and I want my ritual to reflect where I am vibrationally.


The Ritual

Writing is sacred medicine for the soul that can help not only heal, but also kindle the fire within. You might be yearning to create space for channelling your passion for the Aries Full Moon. Writing that is unfiltered and not calculated feels sacred. If you feel the need to release built up stagnant energy then you will be drawn to this ritual.

Before you start, cleanse your space with sacred herbs, incense, or resin. Delve into your heart and reflect on what you need to purge then on a piece of paper write down all that needs to be released. I urge you not to go back and read what you have written, as that invites the energy back on a cellular level. Fold the piece of paper three times and seal with wax from a black candle wax. Once the energy has been sealed inside of the folded paper, you can burn what you've written. You can use your cauldron or another sacred tool to safely burn the piece of paper, as there will be ashes.



As you watch the paper burn, visualize yourself breathing in divine light through your nose and releasing smoky coloured energy out through your mouth. Continue to focus on your breathing until the paper is completely burned. Afterwards, you can bury the ashes into the earth or release into running water, but not necessary.

After you are done releasing, hold the energy of the upcoming Scorpio New Moon on November 4th in your heart and pause. Write how you want to feel and also what actions you need to take to achieve that visualized state. When you are done, fold the piece of paper three times like before, but seal with white candle wax and put on your altar or keep safe in a secret place. Allow the white candle to burn out completely. On November 6th, break open the seal and connect with what you wrote to help you plant the seeds of inspiration for the New Moon.



To delve deep into the questions that the Full Moon in Aries conjures up, you may want to lay Tarot or Oracle cards. You can use the Aries Full Moon Spread and explore the themes further. Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected.




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