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Sacred Ritual for the Taurus New Moon

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


The ritual for the Taurus New Moon on Saturday, April 30th at 1:27 pm (PDT) / 10:27 am (EDT) involves creating a prosperity mandala using bay leaves with a clear quartz point at the centre, acting as the master crystal to help amplify the energy of your intentions. Creating a new mandala resonates deeply for the Taurus New Moon, as the ritual feels like a continuation of the last one for the Aries New Moon, in which a prosperity bag filled with medicine was created to draw in abundance.

Each astrological sign carries potent medicine that is unique and magical. Taurus is influenced by the Element of Earth and also embraces the medicine of the bull. Consequently, the Taurus New Moon is connected to cultivating prosperity, examining your values, nourishing your five senses, manifesting beauty, and incorporating the theme of fertility into your life, as spring is still in the air here in the northern hemisphere!

You can do your ritual a day before, on the day, or a day after the New Moon, as the energy is still potent. You are welcome to use my ritual or adopt parts to help you create your personalized one. Please know that you don’t need to do a ritual for each New Moon, only connect to the ones that you feel drawn to. Your ritual doesn’t need to be complicated. Can be simple as lighting a candle.

As with any ritual, create sacred space for yourself to connect with your Higher-SELF. Depending on your New Moon traditions, you may want to light a candle, call in the elements, directions + guides, make a circle, ring a bell, etc. . . I personally don’t adhere to any rules or guidelines of how to create sacred space. I follow what rises up for me in my heart space, as the energy of each New Moon is unique, and I want my ritual to reflect where I am vibrationally.


The Ritual

Creating a mandala is similar to spell-casting, as you need an intention and sacred tools (crystals, herbs, incense, etc.) that support and resonate with what you want to birth for the Taurus New Moon. I originally created this mandala (pictured above) because I felt blocked in regards to my prosperity. To get unstuck, I made a grid with bay leaves and a clear quartz point.

I didn't feel drawn to using a structured grid or tumbled stones, so I opted to follow my intuition. I researched what plant medicine would best support an intention connected to prosperity and went with bay leaves. You can find bay leaves at your local grocers. I sorted my package of bay leaves according to size and started arranging them around the clear quartz point. I didn't add any broken bay leaves to the grid, as energy of those leaves doesn't connect with my prosperity theme. Underneath the clear quartz point, I added a piece of paper with a hand written affirmation that aligns with my intention.

Bay leaves have been used for eons, both medicinally and ritually due to their versatile magical properties, which include attracting abundance, enhancing confidence, shielding + protection from low vibrations, assisting with dream work, purification + consecration of sacred tools & spaces, and spell breaking. You might be drawn to another plant or herb depending on what your intention for the mandala is. I encourage you to allow your intuition to guide you. Your SOUL knows BEST what you need. 



To delve deep into the questions that the New Moon in Taurus conjures up, you may want to lay cards. You can use the Taurus New Moon Spread and explore the themes further. Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected to the cards you drew!




  • Hands down this has resonated with me the most since I’ve been following you – as much as the reading you did for me. Thank you for this! I am a very strong Taurus and this could have been written for me. Much love!

    Nikol Haskova on

  • This is gorgeous and thank you for sharing! I will work on making time to do this spread.

    Karen on

  • I’m going to try something similar using cinnamon and what I have in my cabinets lol. Thank you!

    Michaela Machicote on

  • Thank you. 🙏💜🌚🐃

    Cynthia on

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