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Ritual for the New Moon in Aquarius

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


The New Moon on January 21st, 2023 at 12:53 am (PST) will mark the darkest night of the month. Leading up to the New Moon, you might have feel your vision for yourself expanding and taking on a new energy that you weren’t open to before or perhaps didn’t realize was possible. The New Moon is in the astrological sign of Aquarius, which is connected to the awakening of the mind, wanting to contribute to the collective consciousness, feeling altruistic, and releasing false perceptions to create space for truths to rise. The Star card of the Tarot, embodies all of that and is astrologically associated with Aquarius! 

I am slowly starting to wander out of my inner cave. Allowing myself grace to ease into 2023. The early part of January didn’t feel right for planning and strategizing. With the Aquarius New Moon approaching, I feel that my soul is finally awakening to the potential of what this year has to offer. Aquarius is the visionary sign, so that's probably energy that I am tapping into with this New Moon. Typically, you can feel the energy of the New Moon three days before and after, but I've been feeling the Aquarius New Moon vibes for the last week!

The ritual for the Aquarius New Moon involves a blank canvas (notebook, poster board, or paper), old magazines, glue, scissors, markers, and an open heart & mind, which are all ingredients for creating a vision board. From my experience, vision boards not only create a physical representation of your dreams, but also tap into your deep subconscious. Likewise, can be read like an Oracle card for clarifying your vision or connecting to new seeds that have been waiting to germinate.



Please know that you don’t need to do a ritual for each New Moon, only connect to the ones you feel drawn to. Your ritual doesn’t need to be complicated. You can do your ritual a day before, on the day or a day after the New Moon, as the energy is still potent. You are welcome to use my ritual or adopt parts to help you create your personalized one.

As with any ritual, create sacred space for yourself to connect with your inner visionary. Depending on your New Moon traditions, you may want to light a candle, call in the elements, directions + guides, make a circle, ring a bell, etc. . . I personally don’t adhere to any rules or guidelines of how to create sacred space. I follow what rises up for me in my heart space, as the energy of each New Moon is unique, and I also want my ritual to reflect where I am vibrationally.



Before you start, select a TAROT deck that draws in inspiration, magick, and elevates your vision. As you focus on your breath, shuffle the cards and connect to the magick of the Aquarius New Moon. You'll intuitively know when you are done shuffling. Locate The Star card in the deck. Pull the cards in front of and also behind The Star. The cards that surround The Star hold potent medicine for you, especially in regards to creating your VISION BOARD! Don't dismiss any shadow cards, as those are the most powerful ones to connect with to get past challenges, so your vision is aligned. Remember discomfort is where the most growth happens!

I recommend laying out everything that you will need to create a vision board then start flipping through the magazines. Cut out whatever catches your eyes, which could be photos, but also words that resonate with you. I personally like to ripe out a few things for more of a rustic look. You can also focus on specific types of photos or words you’d like to have on your collage. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the magazines, you can always Google and print off photos or words that connect to your vision. You can use a marker to write words, draw picture, or outline anything you want to emphasize.

If getting crafty isn’t your thing, you can create a vision board on Pinterest by pinning photos that align with your vision or that you connect with. You can create separate boards for different aspects of your life: family + friends, work, love, soul, etc. You can also do this for physical vision board by creating areas on the poster board for specific aspects of your life.

You might be wondering if creating a vision board is worth the hassle? I can personally say that they most definitely are, as you get clarity about your vision for the future. Also, placing your vision board on your altar or in a part of your home where you will see it everyday helps to reconfirm your intentions, both consciously and unconsciously.



To delve deep into the questions that the New Moon in Aquarius conjures up, you may want to lay Tarot or Oracle cards. You can use the spread to unravel and explore the themes further. Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected to the spread!




  • Thank you so much, Sharron, for everything you do for us!

    Patricia White Wolf on

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