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Pluto Retrograde Tarot Spread

Posted by Sharron Basanti on


Pluto will be in retrograde from today until October 8th. Nothing to be alarmed about, as Pluto goes into retrograde each year for approximately 5 months.

Astrologically speaking, Pluto is known as the planet of destruction, transformation, and rebirth.  Pluto is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Thus, a potent time for spiritual growth.

How can you tap into the medicine that the Pluto Retrograde offers

During the Pluto Retrograde, hold space for renewal! Be open to shedding and allowing the light to shine on hidden truths. When you feel resistance, reflect on if you should surrender control in order to transform the energy of the situation. Don't forget to focus on your self-care, so you can heal and mend from relationships that have unhealthy power dynamics.

I hope the spread helps you navigate the Pluto Retrograde, so you can rise like the phoenix!



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