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Gemini Season Tarot Spread

Posted by Sharron Basanti on

As the earthly energy of Taurus wanes, peer into the potential that the airy Gemini Season (May 20 - June 21) holds with an open mind.

The energy of Gemini is about embracing the dualities within to create synergy for expressing your authenticity. As a result, you may feel drawn to finding your unique voice through ideas, writing, and/or speaking. Nourish all forms of expression by connecting with the Element of Air.

Carve out space to explore polarities, such as light work and shadow work, masculine and feminine, conscious and subconscious, etc. Observe these polarities by allowing yourself to contemplate, absorb, and integrate their medicine.

Embrace learning to support your spiritual curiosity. You may find yourself yearning for a sacred circle and other forms of social interaction, as Mercury rules Gemini and is associated with communication & connection.

Nourish your nervous system, lungs, shoulders, and arms, as Gemini is associated with these parts of your body. Listen to what your body needs.

Lastly, as the days of spring wane, reflect on what needs support now in order to flourish in the summer.

May Gemini Season bring powerful shifts to inch you closer to your vision!



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