The High Priestess Mala by Sisters in Rishikesh

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This 108-bead hand knotted mala is made from moonstone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, labradorite, black onyx, and a stunning faceted amethyst guru bead. The amethyst beads in the mala are also faceted creating a beautiful shimmer. Each bead is 8 mm and the mala is approximately 23 inches in length, including the deep fuchsia coloured tassel. The mala is made from all natural cotton thread, including the tassel as silk is not environmentally friendly. Extra care was taken to not use any synthetic thread. 

The crystals chosen for The High Priestess mala are designed for seers who identify as heart centered mystics, wild women, and magick seekers. It's a potent mala for tarot readers, mediums, channelers, and energy healers. The mala is inspired by one that I designed when I read tea leaves and tarot in person at a metaphysical shop. Here's why I chose each crystal for The High Priestess mala:

Amethyst: assists with awakening the Third Eye to draw in clear visions and enhances your intuition.

Labradorite: provides protection by reflecting any energies that are not yours back to its source. 

Black Onyx: centers your soul and roots you to the energy of the Earth, so you are able to hold space.

Lapis Lazuli: enables you to speak the truth, especially when messages are coming through connected to shadow medicine.

Moonstone: connects to the Sacred Feminine, the womb of creation and allows you to delve into your empathy without feeling drained or overwhelmed.

This mala may speak to you for another purpose.


About the Sisters in Rishikesh: This Solar Plexus Chakra Mala is designed by me and made by women in Rishikesh, India who are marginalized and living in poverty. The women hand knot the malas with care. The malas are a source of income for the women. I hope that with your help, you and I can support OUR Sisters in Rishikesh. 


What is a mala? Malas are sacred tools used in meditation to count the repetitions of a mantra or a prayer. With your eyes closed, you repeat the mantra as you pass each bead through your thumb and middle finger. You can also use affirmations, instead of mantras. Malas are the equivalent of a rosary or any type of prayer beads. You may hear the call to use your mala in another way!

Please note that crystals can aide in your wellness, but do not replace the advice of a healthcare professional.

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