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Ammonite fossils have a natural spiral that is believed to hold cosmic energy, as the specimens are approximately 400 million years old. Ammonities are an extinct group of marine animals in the Cephalopoda class and display red flashes, which is due to opalization. The unusual coloration of these ammonities is caused by light passing through the layers of aragonite and conchiolin built up in the animal during its life cycle, then preserved through fossilization. This fossil is said to connect to eternity, time, and evolution. Ammonite can also be used for connecting with your ancestors and past life recall. Opalized ammonite fossil may speak to you for another purpose.

Size: Approximately 46 mm X 37 mm long & wide at the largest part, and 13 mm thick. Weight is 27 grams.

I spend time hand selecting all the crystals featured in the shop and only chose ones that are unique, high quality & speak to me. I do my best to accurately describe each crystal and include photos that aren't enhanced.

Please note that crystals can aide in your wellness, but do not replace the advice of your doctor.

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