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Sacred Ritual for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

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I am craving a simple ritual for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, June 17th at 1:31 am (PDT), as I am busy teaching online and pulling weeds in the garden.

The energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon encourages you to delve into your heart space and search for the truth in your relationships, including the one with your Higher-SELF. The quest for truth may lead you to heal and liberate yourself from old hurts that have been inflicting your mind & dwelling in your heart space.

On a side note, have you noticed how the Full Moon magnifies your energy? If you're feeling ungrounded and chaotic then that will be illuminated. Whereas, if you centered and at peace then that will be magnified. The Full Moon serves as a reminder to be mindful of the vibrations that you are sending out into the Universe.

I mentioned on Instagram that I have been drinking A LOT of cardamom CHAI lately, especially while I am writing and painting. I grew up eating cardamom in rice, curries, sweets and almost everything that my grandma or mother made. . .and I vividly remember pushing the little black seeds aside on my plate, but now I love the taste! 

The health benefits associated with cardamom are numerous, as the spice is known to detoxify the blood, which is excellent as the Full Moon has a cleansing energy. You can learn about the other benefits of cardamom via Ravi Teja Tadimalla's in-depth article.



Making chai is a ritual, as you don't just boil the water and add all the ingredients. . .instead there is a set sequence. You will need 4 simple ingredients: water, milk (non-dairy is fine too), cardamom (pods or powder) and honey (other sweeteners can also be used). If you don’t have cardamom in your pantry then you can use cinnamon or perhaps try another spice that you feel drawn to like star anise.

In India, people often pray or chant a mantra while making chai, as the intentions are believed to be infused into the tea. As you are making your chai, focus on your breath and feel your Heart Chakra expanding then focus on the vibes you want to infuse into your cup of steeping hot chai.

My grandma taught me to make chai as a child and here’s one of her authentic recipe straight from the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India. I learned how to make several types of chai teas from here, but I’ll save those ones for later! The recipe below isn't going to taste like a Starbucks Chai Latte, as that is NOT authentic chai.

Cardamon Chai Tea Recipe

  • Measure 3/4 cup of water in the mug that you are going to use for drinking the chai in then pour into a small sauce pan.
  • Next, crush 1 or 2 cardamom pods using a mortar and pestle. You can use cardamom powder as well, but I prefer pods as the taste is fresher & richer.
  • Let the water boil for 5 minutes until you can smell the aroma of the cardamom in your kitchen and then add your favourite bag of black tea. I prefer orange pekoe . . .and yes, you can use loose leaf tea as well. 
  • Allow the water to boil with the tea bag for 5 minutes. Pour 1/2 a cup of milk into you mug and add to the sauce pan.
  • Let the chai come to a boil on medium heat and add your choice of sweetener to taste.
  • Pour the chai into your mug using a strainer, so you don’t have chunks of cardamom floating around. I don't always strain my chai, as I feel the cardamom adds to the flavour.

    As you sip your chai, acknowledge emotions & feelings that have been weighing heavily on your heart and release with every breathe you breath out. You can also journalize your thoughts, as writing is extremely cathartic.

    I encourage you to make cardamom chai for a friend or loved one that you feel distant with, but would love to connect with again on a deeper level. Chai is the cure for mending relationships, I swear!



    To delve deep into the questions that the Full Moon in Sagittarius conjures up, you may want to lay Tarot or Oracle cards. You can use the Sagittarius Full Moon Spread and explore the themes further. Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected to your cards!



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